• How To Start a Candle Business

    Fifteen years ago, when I started making my own candles, there weren’t a lot of online resources. Today, Google searching “how to start a candle business” will yield about 70 MILLION results (not a typo). Readers, meet number 70 million and one! Hey, I get it, folks just want to get that side hustle rolling and don’t have time for 70 articles, never mind 70,000,001. I feel confident that this article will provide anyone, who wants to start a candle business, the knowledge for a solid foundation.
  • Our Love of Candles

    There was a time that candles were only used as a source of light. No electricity, no solar power, no battery-operated flashlights to light the way...
  • Small Business Needs You 365, Not Just the Last Saturday of November

    I don’t think there’s much argument in the statement that small business is the backbone of the economy in the United States. It accounts for nearl...
  • Why A Candle Making Supply Store in Macomb County?

    In Marketing 101, we’re taught about the “4 P’s”, product, price, place and promotion and, that every successful business is solving a problem for its target market. So, when the opportunity to open a candle making supply store arose late in 2020, although it was something I wanted for the better part of several years, the big questions were “who is my target market” and “what problem am I solving?”.